Temerity means reckless boldness, action taken with little regard to the consequences. It is being moved to act beyond reason, breaking through the confines of what might be deemed socially acceptable in order to make a mark, a statement, a declaration.


For me, Sadye Harvey, the body and mind behind Temerity, this means making beautiful things slowly and thoughtfully, by hand.

It is the act of making - the satisfaction of knowing how to make, the continuing to make in the face of difficulty and tedium, the quiet but persistent resistance to unchecked speed and mindless consumption - that is my small rebellious act.  

I am inspired by strong women who are both soft and fierce.  I am inspired by wild places, both natural and urban.  I believe that simplicity is luxurious. 


The full line of leather bags and goods are dyed, punched and stitched by hand in my home studio. Having a connection to the creation of each piece is of the utmost importance, as it is through the making that I find the most satisfaction.


I use high quality vegetable tanned leather, which is treated with vegetable tannins during the tanning process rather than chromium, which is used to tan conventional leathers. Chromium is a harsh chemical that can be harmful to the tanners, the environment, and the consumer. Vegetable tanned leather is sturdy, functional, will age beautifully. With proper care, your Temerity piece will last a lifetime.