The Caroline - Antique Copper

The Caroline - Antique Copper

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Imperfect: Scuffed

This Caroline bag was made during my biggest production run to date. I was in the midst of cutting, dyeing, stitching and finishing 16 bags for two shows, and my studio was in disarray. I spent many hours creating this teal green blue color, mixing dyes and thinner, testing finishes, until I arrived at the perfect hue. I began piecing this bag together, laying it on my cutting table to burnish the interior. When I flipped the bag over, this scuff mark had appeared on the front - either the result of picking up some stray dye, or being placed on a droplet of water. I gasped, groaned, and walked around anxiously for a while before deciding that this bag was still worthy, that it deserved to be finished, and so I oiled the leather and began stitching.

Let’s find this perfectly imperfect bag a home.

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